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Can you see the Light?

A few days ago I posed and posted the question:  Can you hear the music? Now I ask a perhaps more important question, Can you see the light?

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This is Music- by -the- Sea. The music rolls out to sea as do the waves. Of course, the music is only waves. The big and little black squares, the song, radiating away from the shore and out to sea. … Continue reading

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Creating instead of purchasing: a way not to box yourself

When you buy something from a store, you are usually given a choice.   You can either buy this brand or that brand, this color or that color, this style or that style.   But how about your own style?   When you … Continue reading

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Art 1

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Internal Motivation and Fluidity

A student asked me why I didn’t use a (positive) reward system to help less motivated students complete their projects. My answer was that (in life) each of us is responsible for the decisions we make. The student responded, yes, … Continue reading

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